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Series Info

Name: Crayon Shin Chan

Release Year: 1992

Synopsis: An Animation series following the adventures of a 5-year old boy named Shin-Chan, living with his family and friends in the Kasukabe city of Japan.

Shin Chan Season 01 Episodes

Quality: HQ 576P AMZN WEB-DL [HEVC x265]

Language: Hindi, Tamil & Telugu.

Size: 180-280 MB

Encoded by: Originally Encoded by ATTKC. Lossless Re-Encoded by Knight372 to HEVC  x265 which reduced file size by 50-60%.

Shin Chan Season 02 Episodes

Quality : HQ 576P AMZN WEB-DL [HEVC x265]

Language : Hindi, Tamil & Telugu.

Size : 180-250 MB

Encoded by : Originally Encoded by ATTKC. Lossless Re-Encoded by Knight372 to HEVC  x265 which reduced file size by 50-60%.

Shin Chan Season 03 Episodes

Quality : HQ 576P AMZN WEB-DL [HEVC x265]

Language : Hindi, Tamil & Telugu.

Size : 180-250 MB

Encoded by : Originally Encoded by ATTKC. Lossless Re-Encoded by Knight372 to HEVC  x265 which reduced file size by 50-60%.


Shin Chan Season 04 Episodes

Quality: HQ 576P AMZN WEB-DL [HEVC x265]

Language: Hindi, Tamil & Telugu.

Size: 180-250 MB

Encoded by: Originally Encoded by ATTKC. Lossless Re-Encoded by Knight372 to HEVC  x265 which reduced file size by 50-60%.


Shin Chan Season 05 Episodes

Quality: HQ 480P AMZN WEB-DL

Language: Hindi, Tamil & Telugu

Size : 150-180MB, 300-350 MB

Encoded by: ATTKC

Episode 1 – A Day with the Volunteers! / Selling Christmas Cakes! / My Christmas Gift!
Episode 2 – Saving a Lost Child! / The Baby Crawl Race! / Spying on Ishizaka!
Episode 3 – Burdened with Housework! / It’s Too Cold to Go to School! / A Baby Car or a Ferrari?
Episode 4 – I Want to be Loved, too! / My Business Trip with Mom!
Episode 5 – Dad Gives Himawari a Bath! / A Day with Miss Marilyn! / Here I Come Himawari!
Episode 6 – A Day at the Gaming Center! / Dad is Suffering from a Back Pain! / A Duplicate of Matsuzaka!
Episode 7 – Something is Fishy! / Assistant Manager Plays Golf! / Matsuzaka’s Gift for a Special Person!
Episode 8 – Buying Dolls for Himawari! / Will the Kitten Find a Home? / Going to School During a Snowstorm!
Episode 9 – You Can’t Escape Me! / A Train Trip with Mom and Himawari!/ I’m Lost with
Episode 10 – Has Himawari been Kidnapped? / We’re Looking for Marilyn! / Are Principal’s Spectacles Magical?
Episode 11 – New Clothes for Himawari! / Marilyn Has a New Friend! / Sleepless Nights with Himawari!
Episode 12 – Leave My Hand, Himawari! / I Want to Play in the Wet Cement!
Episode 13 – I Need to Take a Bath for Nanako! / Nanako Pampers Himawari!
Episode 14 – Himawari Loves Glitter! / A Fraud Sales Representative! / The Three Baby-sitters!
Episode 15 – A Tea Ceremony at Nene-chan’s Place! / Children’s Day! / Fish Ceremony!
Episode 16 – Mom Faces Trouble!/ We’re All Late! / Himawari Pesters Mom!
Episode 17 – Dad’s Workout Plan! / Kazama Loves Cleaning! / A Visit to Yoshi!
Episode 18 – I Want a Quantum Robot! / Himawari is Troublesome! / A Ruckus at the Hotel!
Episode 19 – Dad Prepares a House Model! / Kazama is Embarrassed/ Selling Pet Care Products!
Episode 20 – Himawari is a Menace! / Masao’s Tragedies! / Mom Learns to Use a Computer!
Episode 21 – Playing with an Electric Massager! / Will Yoshinaga be Lucky?/ Yoshinaga and Ishizaka’s Love Proposal!
Episode 22 – Red Riding Hood and Purple Riding Hood! / Baseball Training! / Baseball Match!
Episode 23 – Shiro, the Real Hero! / Looking for Snails! / Matsuzaka Gets Fooled!
Episode 24 – I will take care of Himawari! / Who is Following Nanako?
Episode 25 – Honeybees in the School! / Blowing Balloons for Himawari is a Task!
Episode 26 – Where is Himawari? / Will Mom Get to Sleep? / Greedy for Crabs!
Episode 27 – Spending a Holiday With the Principal! / Mosquitoes, You Can’t Escape!
Episode 28 – We’re Looking for Stack Beetles! / Himawari Takes a Dip in the Pool!
Episode 29 – Is it a School or a Haunted House? / We Will Visit a Haunted House!
Episode 30 – Standing in a Queue for the Train Tickets! / Travelling on a Crowded Train! / We Will Have Fun at Grandpa’s Place!
Episode 31 – I Will Draw a Map! / A New AC in Our House!
Episode 32 – What is the Mystery Behind an Egg? / Taking Care of the Principal! / Dad and I Will Clean the Garden!
Episode 33 – A Battle of the Cowboys! / Mom Will Burn Her Fat! / I Got the Onions Effortlessly!
Episode 34 – I Invited Trouble! / Mom Takes a Leave From the Housework! / Providing the Tofu With Security!
Episode 35 – Micchi and Yoshirin Meet at the Amusement Park! / I Will Modify Yoshi’s Comic! / Himawari at the Missing Centre!
Episode 36 – Dad is Not Scared of a Typhoon! / I Will Answer the Questions! / We have New Neighbours!
Episode 37 – I Invited Trouble by Helping! / Enjoying at a Picnic! / No One Can Find Me!
Episode 38 – A Battle Between a Husband and Wife! / I’m Home Alone! / The Lobby is Turned Into a House!
Episode 39 – What is Wrong with Himawari? / Kasukabe Defence Troop on an Adventure! / Will Dad Stay Awake Whole Night?
Episode 40 – I’ll Make a Gift for Nanako! / Is Yoshinaga Mam Purchasing an Apartment? / We Will Play With a Torch!
Episode 41 – I’m an Expert at Curries! / We Will Play Action Kamen! / Himawari is Locked in the Car!
Episode 42 – Himawari’s Photo Shoot! / We Are Young Adventurers! / I Will Find Mom’s Friend!
Episode 43 – We Will Eat Blowfish! / Everyone Wants Blowfish!
Episode 44 – Mom and I Will Collect Garbage! / We are Young Samurais!
Episode 45 – We Will Fly Planes!
Episode 46 – Dad Needs Money Badly! / I Will Keep the House Tidy! / Matsuzaka Ma’am is Not Alone on Christmas!
Episode 47 – Mom Will Do the Stitching! / A Battle Between Two Groups! / Will it be a Boy or a Girl?
Episode 48 – Himawari’s Dream Comes True! / A Fight of the Ninjas! / Dad Wants to Change His Job!
Episode 49 – My Memory is Weak! / Micchi and Yoshirin at a Book Store! / I Will Eat Doughnuts Despite the Fever!
Episode 50 – A Hair Cut for Me and Himawari! / We’re Going to a Recycle Store! / A Kitty Party at My House!
Episode 51 – We Will Eat an Expensive Meat! / A Rabbit in the School! / Looking for Himawari!
Episode 52 – Selling an Insurance is Difficult! / Playing Trump Cards at Nene-chan’s Place! / Building an Ice House!


Shin Chan Season 06 Episodes

Quality : HQ 480P AMZN WEB-DL

Language : Hindi

Size : 350-380MB

Encoded by : ATTKC

Episode 1 – Me and My Friends Wear Himawari’s Clothes! / Shiro Eats a Cake! / Dad Plays a Contest on TV!
Episode 2 – Mom and Himawari Have Left the House! / Making a Second Secret Defence Base! / Playing Hide-and-seek with Matsuzaka Ma’am!
Episode 3 – Shopping with Masao! / I Will Play a New Game Today!
Episode 4 – Dad Only Loves Himawari! / We’re Going on a Picnic! / Kasukabe Defence Group is Best!
Episode 5 – My Grandfathers Pay a Surprise Visit Together! / Dad Has a New Cellphone! / I get Chocochips for My Efforts!
Episode 6 – Today is Our Photoshoot! / Visiting a New School! / Mom Has Pollen Allergy!
Episode 7 – Himawari Imitates Everyone! / Dad is Troubled by the Neighbours! / Finding the Lost Envelope!
Episode 8 – Stop Global Warming Like Us! / I Will Make Kazama Babysit! / I Will Take Care of Nanako!
Episode 9 – I Hurt Myself! / Mom’s New Job Starts Today! / Mom’s New Job is Difficult!
Episode 10 – I Play Stone-Paper-Scissors With Mom! / Taking an Insurance is a Good Habit! / Dad is Turned Into a Vegetarian!
Episode 11 – A New Baby at Nene-chan’s House! / Matsuzaka Ma’am and I have been Hurt! / Matsuzaka Ma’am is Hurt, Once Again!
Episode 12 – The Kasukabe Defence Training Comes Useful! / Matsuzaka Ma’am is Admitted in the Hospital! / Matsuzaka Ma’am and I Are Admitted in the Hospital!
Episode 13 – I Ran From the Hospital! / One More Day at the Hospital! / Matsuzaka Ma’am and the Doctor are Now Friends!
Episode 14 – I’m Discharged from the Hospital! / I’m Trying to Walk! / My Leg Still Hurts!
Episode 15 – Shin-chan Rejoins School! / Masumi Ma’am Shows Her Different Side! / What is in the Gift Box?
Episode 16 – Masumi Ma’am’s Secret Behind her Spectacles! / A War in the Nohara House! / Mom is Upset with Dad!
Episode 17 – Camping in School! / We’re Going to Micchi and Yoshirin’s House!
Episode 18 – Eating Ice Candies! / A Failure in the AC!
Episode 19 – Mom Has a Forgetting Habit! / Hiccups Won’t Stop! / Playing the House Game!
Episode 20 – Which Toy Should I Purchase? / I Will Exact Revenge on Himawari! / Himawari Has Locked the Door!
Episode 21 – Will Himawari be a Pianist? / Micchi Will Tell Our Future! / Bursting Crackers!
Episode 22 – I’ll Be a Silent Child Today! / Playing with the Cleaning Roller! / We’re Going to Visit Matsuzaka Ma’am
Episode 23 – We Will Encourage Masumi Ma’am! / The Video Player Isn’t Working!
Episode 24 – Fighting the Mosquitoes! / Visiting an Old Aunt! / Mom and Me Are Looking For Shiro!
Episode 25 – Dad and Me Will Play the Airplane Game! / Planet Earth is in Danger! / Matsuzaka Ma’am Will Be Discharged Today!
Episode 26 – Matsuzaka Ma’am Rejoins School! / Mitzi Tells Himawari a Story! / We’re Going to the Park Today!
Episode 27 – Helping Matsuzaka Ma’am! / A Robber in Our House! / We Will Dig Out Potatoes!
Episode 28 – A New Dishwasher in the House! / Searching for Kazama’s Lost Item! / I Will Stay Awake in the Night!
Episode 29 – Bo-chan Gets the First Prize in Painting! / Dad on a Morning Walk? Something is Fishy! / I Will Spy on Dad!
Episode 30 – I Found a Magical Thermos! / What are Nene-chan and Masao Hiding? / A New Cat in Our House!
Episode 31 – We Will Eat Sweet Potatoes! / Yoshirin Has Left the House! / Yoshirin is Back With Micchi!
Episode 32 – Will I be Gifted the Action Kamen Present? / We Will Follow Matsuzaka Ma’am! / Going for a Car Wash!
Episode 33 – Himawari Troubles Me Again! / Mom Will Drop Me to School! / Yoshinaga Ma’am is Going on a Date!
Episode 34 – Protecting Kazama! / Dad Stays Out Whole Night!
Episode 35 – A Brother-sister Love Between Me and Himawari! / We Will Find Interesting Stones Today! / I Will Save Nanako Today! 
Episode 36 – Today’s Day is Weird! / Going to the Market to Purchase Organic Eggs!
Episode 37 – Visiting a Bumper Sale! / I’m Kazama’s Best Friend! / We’ve Realised That Pencil Cells Are Very Important! 
Episode 38 – Mom will Fix the Quantum Robot! / Playing in the Ice! / Visiting the Hot Spring!
Episode 39 – It Will be Fun in the Mall Today! / Patrolling the City!
Episode 40 – Mom and Micchi Will Collect Money Today! / Nene-chan is the Tragedy Heroine! / I Went to School on a Holiday!
Episode 41 – Mom is Working on the Savings! / Nene-chan Does Fortune Telling! / Going to a Poetry Class!
Episode 42 – I Will Collect Used Cans! / Only I am Himawari’s Elder Brother! / A Toy House in Our House!
Episode 43 – Himawari’s Secret Collection! / What is Wrong With Our Memo
Episode 44 – Mom and I Will Eat at an Expensive Restaurant! / What Will We Be When We Grow Up? / Dad gets an Increase in Pocket Money!
Episode 45 – We Will Eat Principal Sir’s Strawberry Cake! / How Can I Sleep in So Much of Noise?
Episode 46 – My Skin Will Be Silky Smooth! / I Will Be a Lucky Boy Today! / Will I get to Play Football Today?
Episode 47 – Mom is Himawari’s Role Model! / Principal Sir Will Tell Us a Story! / Who Do I Resemble?
Episode 48 – Watching my Childhood Video! / Today Kazama Will be Shin-chan Nohara! / Seeing a New Flat!
Episode 49 – Going to Buy a Gift! / Matsuzaka and Dr Tokurou’s Relationship is in Danger! / Watching Action Kamen at a TV Store!
Episode 50 – Grandfather Will Visit Us Today! / I Will Exercise With Grandfather! / We’re Going to See a Picnic Spot!
Episode 51 – Mom Will Read a Story Book! / Me and Kazama are Going to the Salon! / Going on a Space Trip
Episode 52 – The Clothes Are Not Getting Dry! / Finding a New Home for Shiro! / Hiding a Gift is Not Easy!

Episode 53 – Misae and Shin-chan take English tutorials from Kitamoto. However, instead of learning English, they talk about family serials. / Nene-chan’s mother hides a Handycam to record Nene’s candid video. But, Shin-chan’s mischief gets caught on the camera. / Hiroshi cooks a stinking fish. Misae and Shin-chan refuse to eat it due to the strong smell. After tasting it, they empty the bowl.

Shin Chan Season 07 Episodes

Quality : HQ 480P AMZN WEB-DL

Language : Hindi

Size : 350-380MB

Encoded by : ATTKC


Episode 01

Episode 02 

Episode 03 

Episode 04

Episode 05

Episode 06

Episode 07

Episode 08

Episode 09 

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

Episode 21 

Episode 22 

Episode 23 

Episode 24

Episode 25

Episode 26

Episode 27

Episode 28

Episode 29 

Episode 30

Episode 31

Episode 32

Episode 33

Episode 34

Episode 35

Episode 36

Episode 37

Episode 38

Episode 39

Episode 40

Episode 41

Episode 42

Episode 43

Episode 44

Episode 45

Episode 46

Episode 47

Episode 48

Episode 49

Episode 50

Episode 51






















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