Samurai Jack Hindi Episodes

Cartoon Series Info

Name: Samurai Jack

Episodes: 52 Episodes

Release Year: 2001-2004

TV Channel (India): Cartoon Network

Language: Hindi

Quality: 720p Blu-ray HD

Size: 100-200 MB

Synopsis: When the evil shape-shifting wizard Aku sends the young samurai Jack into a dystopian future, he must find a portal back to his own time to undo Aku’s destruction and defeat him.


Season 2

Episode XIV-Jack Learns to Jump Good  
Download-Jack Learns to Jump Good

Episode XV-Jack Tales
Download-Jack Tales

Episode XVI-Jack and the Smackback
Download-Jack and the Smackback

Episode XVII-Jack and the Scotsman II
Download-Jack and the Scotsman II

Episode XVIII-Jack and the Ultra-robots
Download-Jack and the Ultra-robots

Episode XIX-Jack Remembers the Past
Download-Jack Remembers the Past

Episode XX-Jack and the Monks
Download-Jack and the Monks

Episode XXI-Jack and the Dragon
Download-Jack and the Dragon

Episode XXII-Jack vs. the Five Hunters
Download-Jack vs. the Five Hunters

Episode XXIII-Jack vs. Demongo, the Soul Collector
Download-Jack vs. Demongo, the Soul Collector

Episode XXIV-Jack Is Naked
Download-Jack Is Naked

Episode XXV-Jack and the Spartans
Download-Jack and the Spartans

Episode XXVI-Jack’s Shoes
Download-Jack’s Shoes


Season 3


Episode XXVII-Chicken Jack
Download-Chicken Jack

Episode XXVIII-Jack and the Rave
Download-Jack and the Rave

Episode XXIX-Couple on a Train
Download-Couple on a Train

Episode XXX-Jack and the Zombies
Download-Jack and the Zombies

Episode XXXI-Jack and the Scarab
Download-Jack and the Scarab

Episode XXXII-Jack and the Traveling Creatures
Download-Jack and the Traveling Creatures

Episode XXXIII-Jack and the Annoying Creature
Download-Jack and the Annoying Creature

Episode XXXIV-Jack and the Swamp Wizard
Download-Jack and the Swamp Wizard

Episode XXXV-Jack and the Haunted House
Download-Jack and the Haunted House

Episode XXXVI-Jack, the Monks, and the Ancient Master’s Son
Download-Jack, the Monks, and the Ancient Master’s Son

Episode XXXVII-The Birth of Evil Part 1
Download-The Birth of Evil Part 1

Episode XXXVIII-The Birth of Evil Part 2
Download-The Birth of Evil Part 2

Episode XXXIX-Jack and the Labyrinth
Download-Jack and the Labyrinth


                               Season 4 Soon 😀

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