Richie Rich (1980) Hindi Episodes Download

Cartoon Series Info

Name: Richie Rich (1980)

Release Year: 1980

TV Channel (India): Cartoon Network

Language: Hindi

Quality: 480p

Size: 100-200 MB



Season 1


Episode 01 – The Robotnappers; Piggy Bank Prank; Muscle Beach



Episode 03 – Silence Is Golden; The Shocking Lady Strikes Again; Spring Cleaning



Episode 04-The Kangaroo Hop; Car Wash; The Blur



Episode 06-The Abominable Snow Plan; Miss Robot America



Episode 07-Counterfeit Dollar; Gloria’s Birthday; The Greatest Invention in the World



Episode 08-Poor Little Richbillies; Chowhound; Mystery Mountain



Episode 09-Wiped Out; Welcome, Uncle Cautious; Disaster Master


















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