Power Rangers (Season 20) Megaforce Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download (720p HD)

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Live Action Series Info

Name: Power Rangers Megaforce

Season No: 20

Episodes: 20+2 Specials

Release Year: 2013

TV Channel (India): Nick/Sonic

Language: Hindi

Quality: 720p HD

Size: 150MB-300MB

Synopsis: When the evil Warstar aliens attack Earth, the supernatural guardian Gosei, assigned to protect the Earth by Zordon, and his faithful robot assistant Tensou recruits five teenagers with attitude to combat the invading forces. Equipped with powers that grant them mastery over martial arts and other forms of combat, the teenagers transform into the latest champions of good: The Power Rangers Megaforce.

Power Rangers Megaforce Season 20 (Hindi)

Episode 01 – Mega Mission (English)

[Watch]    [Download]    [Openload]    [Yandex]


Episode 02 – He Blasted Me with Science

[Watch]    [Download]    [Openload]    [MEGA]


Episode 03 – Going Viral

[Watch]    [Download]    [Openload]    [MEGA]


Episode 04 – Stranger Ranger

[Watch]    [Download]    [Openload]    [MEGA]


Episode 05 – United We Stand

[Watch]    [Download]    [Openload]    [Yandex]


Episode 06 – Harmony and Dizchord

[Watch]    [Download]    [Openload]    [MEGA]


Episode 07 – Who’s Crying Now?

[Watch]    [Download]    [Openload]    [MEGA]


Episode 08 – Robo Knight

[Watch]    [Download]    [Openload]    [MEGA]


Episode 09 – Prince Takes Knight

[Watch]    [Download]    [Openload]    [Yandex]


Episode 10 – Man and Machine

[Watch]    [Download]    [Openload]    [Yandex]


Episode 11 – Ultra Power

[Watch]    [Download]    [Openload]    [MEGA]


Episode 12 – Last Laugh

Episode 13 – Dream Snatcher

Episode 14 – Gosei Ultimate

Episode 15 – The Human Factor

Episode 16 – Rico the Robot (English)

Episode 17 – Staying on Track

Episode 18 – The Human Condition

Episode 19 – The Messenger (English)

Episode 20 – End Game

Episode 21 – Raising Spirits (English) (Special Episode)

Episode 22 – The Robo Knight Before Christmas (English) (Special Episode)






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