Power Rangers (Season 15) Operation Overdrive Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download (720p HD)

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Live Action Series Info

Name: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Season No: 15

Episodes: 32

Release Year: 2007

TV Channel (India): Nick/Sonic

Language: Hindi

Quality: 720p HD

Size: 150MB-300MB

Synopsis:  Five brave, skilled, and adventurous young people are chosen to search for several magical jewels that were long ago taken from the Corona Aurora (literally “Crown of the Dawn”), so as to prevent them from coming into the possession of Moltor and Flurious, who are brothers connected to ice and fire banished long ago by the Corona’s guardian for having attempted to steal it. When the billionaire explorer Andrew Hartford discovered the Corona Aurora, they escaped their exile and rallied their allies. In response, Andrew Hartford selected talented youths and modified their DNA so as to grant them exceptional physical powers by which to combat the evil. Although Moltor and Flurious initially attempted to work together, they soon became rivals. The Corona Aurora fell into Moltor’s hands; yet without its jewels, it could not grant the owner universal power. Later, the evil warriors Kamdor and Miratrix began hunting for the jewels, as did the extraterrestrial ‘Fearcats’. Now the Rangers, joined by a Mercurian named Tyzonn who joined their ranks as the Mercury Ranger, are forced to fight multiple villains and travel worldwide in the effort to capture the jewels before their enemies can.

In order to accomplish this purpose, the members of Operation Overdrive are equipped with futuristic technology similar to that featured in previous Power Rangercontinuities, which improves in sophistication and power with successive episodes. Each time a new Ranger, new weapon, or (in one subplot, if not more) new reason for battle is introduced, that Ranger, weapon, or reason produces the decimation of one major enemy (such as Kamdor and Miratrix) or a host of foot soldiers. Thereafter the odds resume their former state. The physical powers granted by genetic modification are seldom used, seen, or mentioned, except when one or more Rangers is rescued by their use. Throughout the series, legends are included or invented to give a feeling of antiquity: these include Thor’s Hammer, Atlantis, and Poseidon, who is mentioned under the Roman name, Neptune.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Season 15 (Hindi)

Episode 01 – Kick Into Overdrive, Part I

Episode 02 – Kick Into Overdrive, Part II

Episode 03 – The Underwater World

Episode 04 – Heart of Blue

Episode 05 – Weather or Not

Episode 06 – Pirate in Pink

Episode 07 – At All Costs

Episode 13 – Man of Mercury, Part I

Episode 15 – Behind the Scenes


More Episodes Coming Soon







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