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Series Info

Name : Perman

Release Year : 1983

Quality : 360p

Language : Hindi

Size : 35MB – 50MB

Synopsis : Mitsuo encountered Bird-man, an alien who is a part of a federation that tries to maintain peace in the galaxy.He then received a helmet (that also serves as a mask) that gives superhuman strength, a cape that enables the wearer to fly, and a badge that allows him to breathe underwater and communicate with his fellow comrades whom he met soon after he utilized these gifts.

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All Perman Hindi Episodes List

Episode 01- Perman To The Rescue

Episode 02- Perman Plays Baseball

Episode 03- Perman Misbehaves

Episode 04- Watch Out For Water

Episode 05- Here Comes The Teacher

Episode 06- Perman The Runaway

Episode 07- The Mystery Truck

Episode 08- A Bugle Boy

Episode 09- Perman The Ninja

Episode 10- Home Alone

Episode 11- Sabu Change is Side

Episode 12- Perman The Phantom

Episode 13- Doctor Sleepo

Episode 14- Ganko’s Train Trip

Episode 15- Perman Iceman

Episode 16- A Sleepless Night

Episode 17- A Trip To The Mountains

Episode 18- The Homerun Ball

Episode 19- Pick pocket

Episode 20- Perman helps rob a bank

Episode 21- The School Ghost

Episode 22- The Festival

Episode 23- Mitsuo’s Famous Friends

Episode 24- The Lost Badges

Episode 25- Super Granny

Episode 26- Robot To The Rescue

Episode 27- Hotcakes And Handcuffs

Episode 28- Perman’s Mummy & Papa

Episode 29- Mitsuo’s Master Piece 

Episode 30- A Rainy Day Adventure

Episode 31-The Mystery House

Episode 32-The Judo Champ

Episode 33-Ganko Goes Shopping

Episode 34-The Great Novelist

Episode 35-Perman The Handyman

Episode 36-The Secret Of Perman s Uniform

Episode 37-Trouble At hot Spring

Episode 38-New Tutor

Episode 39-perman The Bodyguard

Episode 40-The Counter Fighters

Episode 41-The Pyramid Adventure

Episode 42-Perman The Airan Boy

Episode 43-Mitsuo Is Best

Episode 44-The Perman Fanclub

Episode 45-Mama’s Class Reunion

Episode 46-Kuku Learns A Secret

Episode 47-Searching For A Job   

Episode 48- Which Is The Real Mitsuo

Episode 49-Mitsuo The Hero

Episode 50-The Escaped Parrot

Episode 51-Don t Sleek A Prototype Of

Episode 52-Perman In The Party

Episode 53-Perman Ka Kamaal

Episode 54-It Is Not Easy Being Perman

Episode 55-Perman In The Rockey Mountains

Episode 56-The Missing Autograph

Episode 57-Sumire’s Present

Episode 58-A Pet Son in Hindi

Episode 59-Bye Bye Booby

Episode 60-Don t Look From The Sky

Episode 61-Sharing Is Good

Episode 62-Booby Banega Star

Episode 63-Perman Test

Episode 64-Kabau Karega Mehnat Perman No. 5 Banane Ke Liye

Episode 65-Perman Sabka Rakshak

Episode 66-Robot Karega Shaitaniya

Episode 67-Who Will Be The Monitor Of The Class

Episode 68-Perman With The Skill

Episode 69-Ganko Has Become An Elder Sister

Episode 70-The Model Airplane Contest

Episode 71-Mitsuo Learns How To Swim

Episode 72-Mitsuo’s Ultra Magic

Episode 73-Michiko Wants To Become An Astronaut

Episode 74-Cat Vs Perman

Episode 75-Please Save Me

Episode 76-Perman Is Elite Boy

Episode 77-Leave The Responsibility Of Sports Day On Perman

Episode 78- Perman’s Visiting Day

Episode 79-Dad’s Time Capsule

Episode 80-Run Pegasus

Episode 81-Pako’s Voice Is Sweet

Episode 82-Ferrari Ki Sawari

Episode 83-Perman And Mitsuo’s Fight

Episode 84-Ganko Wants A Sister

Episode 85-Where Did The Panty Made Of Tiger Skin Go

Episode 86-Payan Is Not Stingy

Episode 87-Holiday Is Fun

Episode 88-Perman’s Burden With Bell

Episode 89-The Nice Bad Guy

Episode 90-Picnic Me Jhikjhik

Episode 91-The Rat Gang

Episode 92-The Rare Fish

Episode 93-Mitsuo’s Good Deal

Episode 94-Robot Ki Dosti

Episode 95- A Picture Of Perman

Episode 96-Sumire’s Idol

Episode 97-Helping Kabau

Episode 98-Misses Contest In The Town

Episode 99-Mini Mini Perman

Episode 100-Skeeng Brings Disaster

      100 Episodes Complete!

Episode 101-Fashionable Pako

Episode 102-Pako Kapade Boonegi

Episode 103-Chhota Bachcha Perman Ko Pareshaan Kar Dega

Episode 104-Perman Wants To Earn Money

Episode 105-Perman’s Jar

Episode 106-Perman Becomes A Kite

Episode 107-Pako And sharuko’s Dangerous Meeting

Episode 108-Perman In The Sea

Episode 109-Kabau Is Fear Free

Episode 110-Bye Perman

Episode 111-Please Return The Robot

Episode 112-Are Payan And Kabau Brothers

Episode 113-Perman Ki Pavitra Poshak Par Laga Panje Ka Nishaan

Episode 114-Beware Of Eating Out Of House And Home

Episode 115-Kabau Jaayega Butterfly Pakadane

Episode 116-Gift From A Space Alian

Episode 117-Haroozo Ke Ghar Par Hui Chori

Episode 118-Pako’s Fortune Telling

Episode 119-Bird Watching

Episode 120-Skeeing Is So Easy












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