Iron Man The Animated Series Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download

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Series Info

Name: Iron Man The Animated Series

Season No: 1

Episodes: 13

Release Year: 1994

TV Channel (India): Marvel HQ

Language: Hindi

Quality: 480P

Size: 60MB-130MB

Synopsis: A small sub-plot in the first season revolves around Mandarin secretly spying on Force Works. It culminates in “The Wedding of Iron Man” when Stark realizes they have been spied on by reviewing events from previous episodes (and explaining how Mandarin’s forces always knew where they would be), realising that Mandarin has acquired enough information to potentially deduce the true identity of Iron Man. The entire episode’s plot is dedicated to resolving the problem, culminating in Iron Man and his team setting up an elaborate deception where Mandarin sees Iron Man and Tony Stark in the same place with the intention being to convince him that the two men are not the same person (The ‘Tony’ in the situation was an android).


Marvel HQ aired Iron Man Armored Adventures


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