Digimon Adventure tri Chapter 1 – Reunion Hindi Dubbed (1080p, 720p)

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Movie Info:

Name : Digimon Adventure tri Movie 1 Reunion

Release Year : 2015

Quality : 1080p, 720p

Length : 1h 40m

Language : Hindi

Size : 

Episodic Version – HD 720p (~150MB) | HD 1080p Partial Compress (~500MB) | HD 1080p Uncompressed (~1GB)

Credits : 

Synopsis : The film series is set three years after Digimon Adventure 02. A mysterious anomaly is causing distortions in the Real World and Digimon are being plagued by a virus that turns them hostile. These circumstances lead to the DigiDestined being reunited with their partner Digimon. Joined by another DigiDestined named Meiko Mochizuki and her partner Meicoomon, they must not only deal with the mystery of the infected Digimon but also with the responsibility of growing up.

Tai, now in high school, feels downhearted that his friends are slowly drifting apart. Meanwhile, strange occurrences are causing electronic devices to malfunction across Odaiba. Minutes before Tai is set to play a soccer match, Kuwagamon appears and invades the city, causing electronic malfunctions. Just as Tai is cornered, his Digivice shines and Agumon appears. He digivolves into Greymon and fights with Kuwagamon, ending up at Haneda Airport. Tai gives chase by hitching a ride with his homeroom teacher, Daigo Nishijima. As more Kuwagamon appear, Tai is joined by the other DigiDestined and their partner Digimon, who defeat two Kuwagamon before Alphamon intervenes and crushes the last one.

After the battle, the DigiDestined investigate the circumstances leading up to Kuwagamon’s appearance. Tai and Matt pay a visit to Nishijima, who reveals he is part of an organization monitoring Digimon activity. As Izzy develops ways to provide easier access to their partner Digimon and seek out digital disturbances, Tai begins to fear that people could get hurt as a result of his actions as a DigiDestined.

Alphamon appears the next day near the Daikanransha, targeting a Digimon under the care of Meiko Mochizuki, a girl who recently transferred into Tai’s class. With Alphamon proving too powerful for the other Digimon, Matt urges Tai to stop running away from his fears, and together they manage to drive Alphamon off with the power of Omnimon. Afterwards, Meiko reveals that she is also a DigiDestined and the targeted Digimon is her partner, Meicoomon.

This chapter will be added in both Episodic and Movie Versions
Reuploaded with complete uncut hindi stereo 2.0 audio

Episodic Version

Episode 01 – Reunion Part 01
HD 720p (MP4) | HD 1080p (MKV)

Episode 02 – Reunion Part 02
HD 720p (MP4) | HD 1080p (MKV)

Episode 03 – Reunion Part 03
HD 720p (MP4) | HD 1080p (MKV)

Episode 04 – Reunion Part 04
HD 720p (MP4) | HD 1080p (MKV)


Movie Version

Movie 01 – Reunion (Saikai) Nick HD+ HDTV 720p (MP4)
Movie 01 – Reunion (Saikai) HD 720p (MP4)
Movie 01 – Reunion (Saikai) HD 1080p (Triple Audio) (MKV)


Premiered on Nickelodeon Sonic 10 August at 7:30 PM













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