Amphibia Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download (720p HD)

Amphibia Episodes in Hindi-English Dual Audio HD  Amphibia Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download (720p HD)

Series Info

Name: Amphibia

Release Year: June 17, 2019

TV Channel (India): Disney Channel

Quality : 720p

Language: Hindi | English


Synopsis: The series chronicles the adventures of a self-centered 13-year-old Thai-American girl named Anne Boonchuy.[4] After stealing a mysterious music box on her birthday, she is magically transported to Amphibia, a wild marshland-themed lilypad-shaped island full of talking frog-people. She soon meets and befriends an adventurous 10-year-old frog named Sprig Plantar who will guide her to be a true hero while discovering the first true friendship of her life.[5][6] In addition, she also must help the frog-people of Westwood deal with the toad-people of Toad Tower led by Captain Grime.

Starting from 11 August on Disney Channel India












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